OSCE POiD has supported a special preparatory course for young DCA staff

October 7 to 9 a  three-day training of a special training course for young employees of the DCA (Drug Control Agency) of Tajikistan on practical implementation of mechanisms for protecting human rights and promoting gender aspects of the work of law enforcement agencies has completed in Dushanbe.

The training participants were young employees of the DCA Tajikistan, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Agency for State Financial Control and Anti-Corruption and divisions of Customs Service from the regions.

During the training, the participants elaborated gender aspects, discussed gender equality in law enforcement agencies as well as types of domestic violence and prevention measures.  Inter alia, human rights issues, the right to freedom and personal inviolability, aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of a detainee in a criminal case were discussed in details. In addition to the theoretical part of the training, young employees had an opportunity to participate in practical exercises on inspection and search of vehicles.

Dilafruz Samadova, a trainer of the course said: “We tried to disclose the human rights and freedom’s topic up to maximum, and for this, during the training, we went through several cases of offense, and finally focused on gender aspects. An informative dialogue took place on women's rights and gender discrimination”.

Participants actively contributed to the training and upon completion acknowledged that they obtained crucial knowledge as well as learned the peculiarities of their work. Abdurahmonzoda Komron, DCA staff from Isfara mentioned that this training helped him to expand his knowledge in operational investigative activities. He was also very excited and thankful for the information shared on the intricacies of gender issues.

The training was conducted with the aim of enhancing theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of Tajik DCA employees through their participation in local, regional and international educational events.